Populate metadata of a model with it's environment settings

10-26-2012 03:14 AM
Status: Open
MVP Frequent Contributor
When developing models in model builder you can set environmental settings (e.g. workspace, processing extent, cell size etc..) under the model properties, which are inherited by the tools within the model. Very useful for automating a standardized output.

Now unless you created the model there are no clues that any environment settings have been set. You have to drill down into the properties dialog to find out what you set!

It would be good to have a visual clue that some environment settings have been set at the model level or even better....

Why not auto popoulate the metadata with the model builder environment settings. You've given us the ability to document our models to a very high level of detail so why can't you have metadata synchronize itself just like FeatureClasses do with extents\coordinate systems etc. and auto populate the metadata with a list of environmental settings that the user has set and this gets displayed as part of the item description?