Paste a path into the location window in the catalog pane

11-11-2021 11:44 PM
Status: Open
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In the catalog pane, it isn't possible to paste a copied path to a folder directly (what used to be the "location" window in ArcMap). This is possible in the catalog view, but it would be nice to be able to paste the path directly into the catalog pane. 


Although you can do it in the Catalog View, you cannot in the Pane. That would be a good add for quick navigation.


It would be nice if I could copy a folder path in Windows Explorer and paste it into the Catalog pane in ArcGIS Pro similar to this existing functionality in ArcMap. Currently I can create a folder connection or drill down to where I need to go. But I don't want to create a folder connection. And I don't want to drill down. I just want to get somewhere quick and easily.