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04-25-2022 08:31 AM
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When you have multiple layers to apply a tiled id, now in Pro we could do it in batch.

So my id is to put a warning stop when the id field is not the same for each layer.  For now, if we make mistakes, Pro run for hours without being able to apply the process.

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Hi @MarcelSt-Germain I don't fully understand what you are asking for. Can you further explain the workflow for this idea? Also, I'm assuming that tiled id refers to tiled labels to annotation, is that correct?'

Thank you,

Aubri Kinghorn


Hi, when generating the tilled annotation, all point the id number.  In some case, like when using in my case polygon, I use another field than Id.  So, when I want to activate or deactivate the tiled annotations, I forgot sometime that I have this or these layers.  So, the result is Pro turn for hours.

Just having a warning to point to the fact that if I want to apply to Id field and this field is not available in one or more layers, listing this/these layer(s) could be helpful to remove them from the application of .



I'm starting to understand, but I don't fully grasp it yet. Can you provide some screenshots? Where and when in the program would you like to see this warning pop-up?


Hi Aubri,

This warning pop-up should appear just after a check of integrity and before applying the status on the annotation.

This is the selection of one with carte as the field filter.


This is the field generated when using tiled label 


This is the filter with multiple selections, where I point to TileId forgotten that I have in the selection Carte for one layer.  In this layer, no field is label TileId.  I think it's why it's take forever to process because it can't find the right field in one layer. So, a warning pop-up could be appreciated.



I understand now, thank you! 

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