Organizing of Maps within a Project

03-30-2017 11:21 AM
Status: Open
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Providing a feature in the Project Contents to allow a user to organize their Maps would create more room for ArcPro implementation within a teams workflow structure. This could be a similar platform to Window Explorer where a user as the ability to create folders as well as see the last time a map was modified. Subsequently, a dynamic text referencing the map location within multiple folder would be of great use as well. 

Fingers Crossed!

PS - My team's current ArcMap workflow contains multiple .mxd files within tiered folder locations for each development project with a .mxd document path file reference in the layout. Our workflow transition from ArcMap to ArcPro would be almost full strength should the map organization become better in ArcPro.


Thank you for the additional details on the use case, Duncan!


I think another potential enhancement would be to simply sort the maps by name. So if we prefixed them with category_MapName, all the category_* maps would appear grouped together. Currently Pro sorts them in its own internal order.


Same for Servers and Database containers. 


Is this a new improvement or were we missing something all together?! This looks good!


Its just an idea at the moment afaik. I think Thomas's screenshot was a mockup of what it should be. Vote up to get esri to implement it. 


Here at Elections Canada we are currently generating more than 27 000 different maps using ArcMap.  These maps are distributed over 338 counties. Once we move to ArcGIS PRO, I thought we would be able to exploit the notion of projects and end up with 338 projects into which I would add about 80 maps and their corresponding layouts.  But since we are unable to add folders to the Maps and the Layouts, we will not be able to use the project as it is intended.

We are going to end up creating 27 000 projects where each one of those project contains a single map and a single layout.

This is not the way to go as far as I know.



This would become very useful for Layouts and Maps. Hope to see this implemented soon.


@DuncanHornby I found myself having the exact same problem where I have a lot of maps for one project for the various constraints in the same area, and this project comes back to life every six months or so when I need to update the maps. I agree that it would be really useful to have a better way to organize multiple Layouts.