New Map or Layout, immediately name it!

09-22-2017 11:58 AM
Status: Open
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When selecting New Map or New Layout from the Catalog Pane or Insert Map or Insert Layout from the Ribbon, pop-up a dialogue box, prepopulated with the current default (like Map 2) in an editable text-box. Hasty users can just click okay, more deliberate users that already have a purpose or reason to name a new map or layout can set the name to their desire. This save them need a trip to the Catalog Pane and renaming the item as a follow-up action.


Jan, I just wanted to make sure that you were aware the Map can be named from the Contents pane by slow-double-clicking to enable the rename.  This saves you from having to go to the Catalog pane and expand the Maps folder in order to do the rename.  Same behavior for a newly added Layout.


Nope, I was unware of that option. Quirky work-flow, but will try.