Multiple ArcGIS windows in Citrix across more than one Citrix server drag and drop

02-27-2013 09:24 PM
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ESRI Professional Services installed and configured ArcGIS Desktop in Citrix.  We have discovered an issue with it during testing.
The Citrix farm consists of three servers across which load is balanced.  Ie. When a user opens ArcMap in Citrix the session runs on one of the three servers.  If the user opens another instance/window of ArcMap, this instance may run on the same or another different server in the farm based on server load availability at the time.
The problem we have is the user is unable to drag and drop, copy and paste objects between two ArcMap instances where they have been opened on two different servers in the Citrix farm.  This is a major drag on productivity when users need to make a change across a series of map documents.
We have confirmed that this is also the case with other applications such as MS Word and Excel although perhaps not as much an issue for the usability of those apps. 
Could you please advise on how we might best deal with this?  Is there a common configuration or workaround that other ESRI clients running ArcGIS on Citrix use in this situation?
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By default, a user is restricted to a single session meaning when they start a session and land on a server, if they start something else, it will piggy-back off of that session and be placed on the same server. This is ideal since it helps with workflows and minimizes licensing impacts (if you start a second ArcMap and it lands on second server….another license is checked-out). Can you check if you have set the option "restrict the user to a single session" is set to Yes. This will not limit you ability to launch multiple instances of ArcMap but will for ensure that the load balancing is at the session level vs individual app launch in this case.