Mosaic Datasets, Raster Catalogs: Allow Access to Underlying Images from ArcMap Table of Contents

08-08-2013 11:14 AM
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Often I use georeferenced historic maps.  There may be a series along a river: Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 that overlap but go from east to west.  Currently, the handiest way to use them is to add them individually to ArcMap then group them.  I can then toggle them on or off by the group, or individually.  I can also set properties independently for each sheet.

Where I work there is poor connectivity (all around - intranet and internet) so I maintain a master copy and distribute file geodatabases.  It would be nice to allow users to choose from the file geodatabase a single raster catalog or mosaic dataset that contains a georeferenced set of maps that can be used as described above.

Currently, the mosaic dataset has toggle ability through the "lock" mechansim by OBJECTID - but that is not very intuitive for users.  You can see the image names in attribute table tables and records.

It seems like it could be something simple to implement.  A feature dataset allows for users to view component feature classes though I understand there is a topological structure built as well by default.  Probably most of us have used feature datasets like folders to group feature classes at one time or another (without setting up topology).

This would be a file geodatabase, dataset simply used to group images.  That way a user can make one selection from with ArcMap for a group of related images. 

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If relative paths for mosaic datasets were implemented then you could distribute the master mosaic to each of the users/machines and then just those images relevant for their project. Outside the area of interest would be missing/broken but inside would be fine.