ModelBuilder Record Limiter for Building Out Models

01-25-2019 07:29 AM
Status: Open
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Suggested modelbuilder enhancement for an environment or input setting to limit records or features of an input. Other modeling/ETL tools have this "record limit" option for building out and testing models. The default is blank so that all records are read in, and you would optionally insert a value such as first 1,000 or first 10. If I have hundred of thousands of records/features in an input, I only want to send the first 'X' records to ensure I have the proper tools strung together and am receiving the expected output. If I run the model with the full data set, I may have to wait hours to verify if I'm evening using the right GP tools in the model.

Yes, you could add a select by attribute and come up with your own expression to limit based on a criteria. But sometimes a simple criteria doesn't exist or it becomes inefficient to create one. Adding this as a feature to input data or environment setting would greatly improve efficiency and usability.

Here is an example for single input limiter, and example for whole environment limiter for all inputs: