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08-21-2015 01:55 PM
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I wish there was a way to quickly create a street name index for a mapbook like we used to be able to do with DSMapBook.  I read a blog (from 2007) about how to do it manually by spatial join, export to Excel, and manually cutting/copying/pasting and otherwise manipulating the index.  This may work for a small area with only a few streets, but we have a large county with thousands of street names.  It took my analyst over 6 hours to produce the index using the blogs methodology.  And we need to update the mapbook and index quarterly for our first responders and law enforcement officers.

The code was there in DSMapBook.  Can't it be integrated into the new Data Driven Pages functionality?
I cooked up my own version using ArcPy if you want to give that a shot.
I have been trying to find a work around for this for some time. 

The best I can come up with is to add a data driven page name to the attributes for what you want to display.  In my case it is customer location id's and names.  You can add the table to the layout.  This may not work for roads if there is more than on part of a given road name.

The use the data driven page option for defintion query.  However, it works best to have a second copy of the feature in question.  The bad part is yout have to manually refresh the table each time you change a data driven page.
Thanks hiker4k, but I'm not a programmer.  I REALLY need Esri to help.  As I said in the original post, the code existed in SDMapBook.  Why can't it be integrated into the new Data Driven Pages???