Make 'Learn ArcGIS' lessons available as document download

09-17-2019 11:29 AM
Status: Open
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Lessons here are useful:, but I often need to edit them or use some parts and not others, always crediting ESRI. Right now, I must copy/paste each webpage into a Word doc, resulting in a ca. 30-50 pg. doc, even if I want to review the lesson to potentially use it (includes manually and individually resizing/deleting/formatting images). If you make 'Learn ArcGIS' lessons available as .docx or .pdf, it would greatly simplify the process of reviewing and revising the lesson for my (and others') use, and likely increase use of all the lessons overall, as some people provide print copies of instructions. Thanks.


Riley Peake‌ There isn't a category for so thought I'd make sure this was seen.


This is great, thanks Kory! Learn ArcGIS‌