Make Home Folder able to go up one folder

03-02-2011 10:35 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
 When I use arc catalog and go to the home folder of the mxd I am working on, it is unable to navigate up one actual folder. When I hit the "up one level" button, instead of taking me to the folder which contains the current folder, it takes me back to the folder level where I have folder connections, gis servers, toolboxes etc. This is very frustrating when the files I want to access are in the next folder up and there is no way to get to them without returning to the folder connections and then navigating down several levels to arrive one folder above where I was to begin with. Please make the home folder able to go up one folder.
Agreed. Drives me insane.
 Yes, the Home folder is a nice idea, but it never contains all the data and files I need access to. Since I'm pretty much guaranteed to need data from other folders, and since navigating in Catalog is painfully slow, extra clicks trying to get out of the Home folder result in that folder basically never being used. I would like to see it improved, or removed altogether since it clutters up the Catalog tree.
I love the home folder functionality, but if I can't go up one folder it is very frustrating.  Often data and .mxd files are stored in different folders.  For example Stormwater would have folders in it for GISData, Exhibits, etc.  If my home is Exhibits and I need to create a buffer feature class and put it in GISData then I will need to go up a level.
I really wish this would be addressed. Why lock users into the home folder like this? Being able to go up one folder quickly would be so much easier than having to navigate back to another folder from lower in the path, which I have to do dozens of times a day. Very annoying.