Make 'Groups' the default selection when adding data from Portal & selecting 'My Groups'

2 weeks ago
Status: Open
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I have ArcGIS Pro 2.7 open & I am adding data to create whatever it is I am doing.
Some of that data may be on our portal.
I hit 'Add Data', scroll down to 'Portal' & select 'My Groups'.
I am presented with the pane to the right displaying "This Container is Empty".
I freak out, where have all my groups disappeared to?

Eventually I calm down & notice that in the top left of the 'Add Data' box is a toggle to flick between 'Content' & 'Groups'. If I select 'Groups', all my groups reappear. Hurrah!

However I can't envisage that there would ever be anything visible under 'Content' when I choose 'My Groups' from portal & that extra click, now I know it's there, drives me insane.


Could the toggle default be set to 'Groups' when selecting 'My Groups' from the Portal Menu?