Leaders anchored to center of label

04-25-2014 12:35 PM
Status: Open
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More options for anchors around the label could enhance the elegance of a map, but I would be pleased if the anchor was simply to the center of the label.  With some adjustable offset, so that the leader did not actually run over the text or background, the leader would always look good -- like it was pointing to the label, not always stuck on one side.  This same anchor point should give a nice, uniform, radial look to all leadered labels despite their orientation to the object -- above or below or to one side.  There should be no need to fuss with any individual label's leader anchor -- automation!

Acknowledgement: This was inspired by an idea already submitted: "Leader lines should have anchor points at horizontal centre of top and bottom of text bounding box" by Wil Waters, I just wanted to stress inclusion of the center anchor, if any changes in leader anchoring are considered.  Thanks.
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To paraphrase in a different way, but agreeing with you, is to have a label leader that acts more like a polyline in a geometric network were the end stays centered on the label center and the other end points to the feature.  But it would need to be offset from the label so as not to interfere with the label.  The way is is now is the number one reason I do  not use leaders with labels.  For those spots where I need to offset the label I created a label feature class as a point feature.  I place the point where I want it and then draw a leader to the feature.  I then offset the label from the point and give it a rotation for precise placement.  I can then change the leader to bend and twist.  Would not work for thousands but fortunatly I only have 400 or 500 locations where the offset label is required.