Layer printability, selectability & locking

10-06-2011 04:09 AM
Status: Open
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Introduce additional layer control functionality useful especially when printing maps or editing data. Allow possibility to set which layer is printable/exportable and editable independently of layer visibility or selectability with option to override all of these settings on Group, Data Frame and Layout level. Integrate these controls to Layer Properties:

and Table Of Contents:
Layer print/export settings (inspired by Adobe Acrobat):
  • Always Prints – forces the layer to print (even if not visible).
  • Never Prints – forces the layer not to print.
  • Prints When Visible – matches printed output to visibility.

Layer lock settings:

  • Lock Editing
  • Partial Editing Lock – only Table / only Geometry
  • Lock TOC position
Layer selection settings:
  • Selectable
  • Locked Selection – keep features in layer selected till unlocked
  • Not Selectable
I'm sure ESRI gets tired of being advised to add some functionality that is standard in graphics apps. That being said, this is one that is long overdue. I'm a fan of Corel Draw and play with it on the side so as a user of ArcGIS I'm always wishing for the layer controls to mimic Corel Draw's. This suggestion even exceeds my idea. Each aspect of it is worthy of inclusion into the next version of ArcGIS Desktop.
Save mouse-clicks!
Great idea!
Doesn't it sometimes surprise you how many other seemingly great ideas gain very little support from our peers?
@alexroma: I am more surprised that the development team is not able to generate some of these elementary and simple ideas alone or doesn't take an inspiration from other high-end software and produces with every new release more and more obsolete, cumbersome and unusable application - ArcGIS Desktop.

Any chance this will get done? I'd like a selectable config on a layer which is accessible / understood by 100.x.