Layer Dependant Symbology

04-20-2010 03:34 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
I would like to have the option to set an alternative symbology to layers within Arcmap and then be able to tie that alternative symbology to the current state of another layer or group layer within the table of contents. 

For example, say I have a map where parcel lines are symbolized as a black line and I set an alternate symbology on the parcel layer to be a white line. Then I tie that alternate symbology to the current state of the aerial layer.  When I turn on an aerial layer, it triggers the alternate symbology which makes the parcel lines white against the aerial.  If I turn off the Aerial Imagey layer it would tigger the default symbology and the parcel lines to go back to being a black line.  I am not currently aware of any tool that allows this.

Yes I could just load each layer twice into the map and set different symbologies for each, or create separate .mxds (which I usually do), but I would like to keep the table of contents simple and clean without a bunch of duplicate layers in it and creating two maps requires that you keep both up to date for any changes that are made.  It's not a horrible process, but I think this type of solution might work better.