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LAS Point Statistics By Area: Location of MIN/MAX Value

02-11-2022 10:35 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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In the LAS Point Statistics By Area (3D Analyst) tool when you have selected the  Maximum Z or Minimum Z Value it would be really helpful and quite useful if along with the Min/Max Z value that is outputted to the table of the Input Polygon it would also output the  Lat/Long coordinates for the location of the respective Max and/or Min value. They could be labeled Z_Max_LAT, Z_Max_LONG, Z_Min_LAT, Z_Min_LONG.  The Max/Min value is nice to know, but it is just as important to know WHERE that Min/Max value is! ESRI is all about the "Science of Where" and not just "What" after all! 🙂








In the LAS Point Statistics By Area (3D Analyst) tool when you have selected the  Maximum or Minimum Z Value it would be really helpful if along with the Min/Max value that is outputted to the table of the Input Polygon it would also output two additional columns that would have the Lat/Long coordinates of the location of the Max and/or Min values within the respective polygons.



Status changed to: Under Consideration

Great idea, thanks for the suggestion!


@JedFlint1 Would you prefer to see a point feature output of the min and max points within a polygon?


Yes that would work fine. But, I can also can see how it might be better to have that MIN/MAX value and its location linked to the polygon by having the location coordinates of the MIN/MAX value right there next to the MIN/MAX value in the attribute table. Maybe the creation of the points could be an option of the tool? Either way would work I guess since if it just created points, then I could do a spatial join afterwards to get the point values and location linked to the polygon.

Along with doing this for LiDAR points, if you created a tool that could calculate the MIN/MAX of a raster within a polygon, and also create a point representing where that respective cell value is located, that would be awesome! There is a Technical Article that outlines a 3 step process for doing this for rasters, but this 3 step process seems like it could fairly easily be shortened down to one step with the creation of the right geoprocessing tool.


If the polygon's unique ID was added to the point feature so that it can be associated with the source polygon, will that resolve the need to have the XY coordinates added to the polygon? The Add Surface Information tool can add the min/max values from a raster to a polygon.  A similar output point option can be added to that tool also.


Yes that would work great! 🙂