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Labelling in Model Builder Needs to be Improved

06-21-2011 09:00 AM
Status: Open
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The labelling options in Model Builder are very limited and weak. You can not copy labels and the labels are not static. When a tool is moved or deleted, the labels shift. This is very annoying. Also there should be more options for aligning the justification of the tools. i.e. Align Center, Left, Right, etc.

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Labels that jump around on their own is very annoying.
yup - label behavior is insane.
you can't copy or paste them
they move around constantly

I finally snapped and came to register my displeasure. I have been putting up with this annoying behaviour for many years, primarily as often the models I create are relatively small. I have been working on quite a large model and decided to add some labels then when I extend the model all the labels shift.

This idea was suggest 7 years ago. I can't believe ESRI have never improved this, a simple lock to location is all that is required. Geoprocessing is core to the system and a flaky interface helps no one.

Please don't say it's "fixed" because Pro does not do it, there are Many Arcmap modelbuilders still out there!


I also wish the labels didn't jump around. This is coming from an arcpro user who needs to build arcmap models at a client's request... the vast majority of our clients require arcmap 10.x compatibility.  thank you