Label Functionality in ArcGIS Pro Modelbuilder

03-15-2022 04:27 PM
Status: Needs Clarification
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I would like to see ModelBuilder labels fleshed out a bit more in ArcGIS Pro - more like an actual text element with font manipulation, color coding, sizing, borders & backgrounds.  Also, Auto Layout should not take the labels into account when auto arranging elements in a model.



You can change some of the properties you have mentioned already as shown below:


You can also lock model elements in place with the pad lock found under the View group.

But your idea compliments mine (or vice versa) about giving the labels the ability to create a call out line

The labelling system in model builder, important as it is, is in need of a revamp. Labels need to be much more customisable.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Hello Eric, 

We do have font manipulation such as font type, size, color, alignment on the diagram ribbon tab. Please try that. We do not have border and background colors settings right now. The labels do participate in layout and we will fix that. Thank you!


Thank you for your response. Would it be possible to have the font manipulation commands in the right-click menu of the label? That's where I would naturally look for them. Can I customize the right-click menu?

Also, when I double-click the Modelbuilder label after creating it, I would prefer the word "Label" be selected by default.