Interactive selection mode - match attribute - like this

01-29-2018 02:46 PM
Status: Open
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I would like a new interactive selection mode - "Match Attribute of selected feature". Choose a feature class and an attribute. Each time you click on a feature, any features that match that attribute are also selected. One use case - features with unique serial numbers are added to a map. Through accidental duplication or data entry error, multiple features might have the same serial number - no easy way to prevent duplicates. When reviewing recently entered field data, I would like to set the selection mode to match the attribute (Serial number). Click on a recent point, and any matching point will also be selected, allowing easy comparison, correction, and elimination of duplicates in the table.  To get the same result in the current version, I have to open the table's "Select by attributes", create the query, type the long serial number, apply the query  - and repeat this process for each new feature.

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To clarify, in this mode, if there is no existing selection: first click selects a feature to be matched, and matches are also selected. If one or more features are already selected, clicking a feature creates a new selection set in the simplest implementation.