Improve Profile Graph in ArcPro - flash point on line

05-03-2019 10:48 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcMap once you have created a profile graph you can interact with it by clicking on the line to flash a green dot on the feature the graph is built from. I use this all the time when analysing cross sections of rivers in their floodplain.  As it stands the profile graph in ArcPro is pretty poor. With it's clunky, non-intuitive workflow which users are scream out for improvement in this idea and the lack of any inter-activeness it needs a serious revamp. 


So, like you pointed out, really just a part of this idea:


Yes my idea is strongly linked to the other idea. They don't explicitly mention the insanely useful click-on-graph-flash-on-line aspect of the tool in ArcMap so I felt it needed stating. If your intentions are are to merge this idea into theirs then I think that appropriate.


Thanks, Duncan.  We can keep both ideas, and just track that as the profile graph/chart functionality is built out in Pro that a requirement is to include this type of functionality.

Kory, when can we expect the implementation of this idea?

Kory Kramer‌ per the below any update on this?