Improve general ArcGIS Pro UI responsiveness

07-16-2021 12:49 AM
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I love ArcGIS Pro, but one area I feel it has always underperformed is with UI responsiveness. No matter the machine I run it on, I find its UI to be a little sluggish in various areas. Not to the point of being unusable, obviously, but I feel this aspect could be improved.

Just some examples of where I often find the UI underperforms:

  • Turning layers on/off in TOC. Other layers grey out for a short while. Sometimes clicks are missed.
  • When loading IO prompts, like add data. There's often a hang while dialog is populated.
  • Browsing and applying symbology via panel can feel slow/sluggish/buggy. Some issues with applying colorbars still (cannot use same colorbar on different layers, one after the other).
  • Recent 2.8 upgrade has bug where sometimes I lose interactivity with my whole UI. Have to alt-F4 out.
  • Working on tables feels sluggish (improved a bit in 2.8 though).

Basically, a version that focused entirely on UI improvements would be a real winner, in my opinion.

Thank you!


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Thank you for submitting this idea @LewisTrotter 

We were reviewing this idea today and are curious about the machine specs and results from the Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT).  If you can find the time, could you read through that blog to understand what PAT is and does, download and run it and share the results?

And share the results from Check your computer's ability to run ArcGIS Pro 2.8

from the Pro System Requirements page 

Thank you!

by Anonymous User

Sounds like a great idea.

Arcgis Pro is so slow that I want to quit using it. 

I have a new computer, it follows the requirements. It is strange that simple things like loading the IO prompt take a long time and when it opens it does not contain files that have been added to the directory recently.

I did some layout work a few weeks ago and it took so long time that I never want to do that again.

But I think the slowness of the analysis tools is the biggest problem. Working with 3D is not a problem as I don´t need that. 

I started to download PAT, but the size is 3.9 GB! Are you pulling my leg?  3.9 Gb for a performance test? 



@Anonymous User Sorry to hear that you're experiencing performance issues. It sounds like you've followed the links from the above comment and that you meet the system requirements. PAT includes all of the data necessary to run the tests which of course contributes to its size.

Once you've determined that you meet or exceed the system requirements and that your PAT results indicate Pro runs as expected (within the expected ranges documented with the tool) on your machine, you could work through Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro to see if that helps narrow down the cause of the issue. If not, the end of that troubleshooting document is to work with Technical Support.

I hope that the additional information is useful.

Thank you.