Improve control over the maxLOD for generated Vector Tile Packages

11-10-2021 08:11 AM
Status: Open
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At the moment ArcGIS Pro will rarely create PBFs for LODs above LOD15. Instead the data for these LODs is packaged in the PBFs of LOD15. ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise derive the tiles on-the-fly for LOD16+ from LOD15 when responding to a request. This means the data meant to be present in LOD16+ must be packaged in LOD15. For some organisations, where there are different data licences for the data used at different scales in the map, this is not desirable and in fact might breach the requirements of these data licences. It also causes queries from end-customers and users who might be using custom styles who find they can suddenly see data they should not.


What is needed is a method to tell ArcGIS Pro at what point it should stop generating tiles and start generalising e.g. keep generating PBF down to LOD16. This will of course mean the tiles take longer to build initially but will allow the data licenses to be respected.

The same control would also resolve a related problem which is almost the reverse: when using different tiling schemes (other than Web Mercator), it can be LOD15 is significantly different in scale and consequently this cut-off can cause enormous cache build times for these different tiling schemes. For example, a common VTS tiling scheme in the UK has LOD15 at 1:413 whereas in Google VTS Tiling Scheme LOD15 it is 1:9027, a factor of 20 different!

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I would like to have more control over this as well. Especially for using vector tile layers  in the esri leaflet js library. After zoom 15 the data disappears.