Import Message: The workspace is not connected / The Geometry has no Z values

08-10-2016 04:49 AM
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When we try to import changes from a delta file into a replica geodatabase:




We get the following error message:


Executing: ImportMessage "ConnectionFile.sde" PathTo/checkin.xml # MANUAL BY_OBJECT DO_NOT_RECONCILE
Start Time: Wed Jul 27 16:34:57 2016
Executing ImportMessage...
ERROR 000582: Error occurred during execution.
The Geometry has no Z values
The workspace is not connected.
The workspace is not connected.
The workspace is not connected.
The workspace is not connected.
The workspace is not connected.
Failed to execute (ImportMessage).
Failed at Wed Jul 27 16:35:09 2016 (Elapsed Time: 11.36 seconds)


In our case this error message is caused by Geometric Network Default Junctions which have invalid coordinate values ( NaN 😞


          <Record xsi:type='esri:Record'>

            <Values xsi:type='esri:ArrayOfValue'>

              <Value xsi:type='xs:int'>1206</Value>

              <Value xsi:type='xs:short'>1</Value>

              <Value xsi:type='esri:PointN'>









Please provide detailed description, for example the ObjectID and feature class name of the

geometry in the error message

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This idea was associated with ENH-000098480 which was marked as non-reproducible.  If users are still encountering this issue, please contact technical support to investigate.

Thank you