Group by in dialogue Create Feature

04-26-2013 07:12 AM
Status: Open
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Create Feature templates are one of the most popular news since ArcGIS 8.
 It is possible to group by and filter but it is not possible to group by like Table Of Contents. Today you can group by:
  • Group By Type
  • Group By Layer
  • Group By Frequency
  • Group By Clear grouping
I want these group by as icons like Table Of Contents and also add:
  • Group By Drawing Order
  • Group By Source
Icon Arrange Templates by Filtering should have following choice:
  • Show All Templates
  • -------------------------------
  • Point
  • Line
  • Polygon
  • Annotation
  • Dimension
  • -------------------------------
  • Layer
If you select Group By Drawing Order the result is like another idea with name Allow creating features from the table of contents on
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It would also be helpful to save filters so they would be there for the next editing session.