Fix performance issues please

11-08-2010 03:16 PM
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There are persistent reports of many people having major performance issues with ArcGIS 10 desktop on hardware configurations that meet and beat the recommended specifications, some of them by a fair margin. Please fix quickly. We want to take advantage of the new features but the serious slow down in basic activities like editing means we are paying a serious tax in terms of our time.

Please see for more info.

thank you.
After reading these posts, I am in no hurry to upgrade to 10.1.  Why should overall performance and stability of the software suffer with each new release?  It just doesn't make sense.  ESRI please work on these performance issues prior to developing new functionality.  It shouldn't take 2 mintues for someone to move a point feature accross the screen in order to snap it to a line.  These lags, crashes and errors are just not acceptable.

BTW...A tip I found to speed up opening and closing of ArcCatalog is to make sure you remove any geoprocessing results.  If you have days or weeks of processes saved up it seems to take forever to close Catalog.
We just finished a major upgrade from ArcGIS 9.3 to ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 for 400 users who access the applications via multiple 64 bit Citrix servers with 16 GB RAM, dual processors and terabytes of space.  NO ONE has experienced any improvement in performance (not that we were expecting any) and I hear daily from someone venting their frustration over their lost productivity.   I've been scouring all the "ArcGIS 10 is slow" forums for any and all tips to help ease the pain for our folks.  Turning off the new snapping environment helps in some situations, and right away we had to disable the Create Feature Templates editing option because it doesn't register our joined Oracle tables.  We had been using coverages so when that support went away we were essentially forced to upgrade ... or switch providers.  There have been more than a few grumbles about the provider we have stuck with for going on 20 years now.
It is ridiculous that after so many years and so many new versions ESRI won't address this basic functionality issue. Too busy adding new bells and whistles that many of us will never use? I have users who are abandoning ArcGIS in favor of putting dots on a google map or any other alternative they can find. Then I have other users who after spending 20 minutes opening ArcGIS in the morning, refuse to quit, holding the concurrent licenses hostage all day. I tell them not to do this but I really can't balme them for not wanting to close it down.

Seven years old and still very relevant. Even the 64-bits multi-threaded version ArcGIS PRO has issues with regards to performance.