Feature elevation setting for every elevation surface layer

02-07-2023 08:26 PM
Status: Open
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Currently, ArcGIS Pro provides three types of layer elevation settings for extruding 2D feature layers; absoulte height, on the ground, relative to the ground.
However, if the elevation surface layer has multiple layers nested, layer elevation settings only work on the topmost elevation surface.
Elevation surfaces can be operated from a wide variety of sources, making them valuable assets for 3D GIS. Therefore, it would be nice if a function was added to allow selection of the elevation surface layer that is the basis for setting the height.

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@KyleSeok Just some clarifying questions. Do you mean the topmost source within the surface?  Could you create a custom surface, add just the one source that you want to use, then select that surface as the elevation for the extruded layer?


@NDGraphics Thank you for replying to my old post! I discovered that it is possible with a custom elevation surface. At the time I proposed this idea, I didn't know about the [Add elevation surface layer] in ArcGIS Pro. Thank you !


@KyleSeok You're welcome!