Export Features to Existing Feature Class

09-28-2017 07:43 AM
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Could you all please add functionality into ArcMap/ Pro to export features from a layer into an existing feature class. Currently the Data\Export Data, Export Features, Export Table options output a new item. In the world of enterprise GIS and fixed data schemas it would be extremely helpful to be able to set a definition query or make a complex attribute/ spatial selection then export those features into your existing data structure with the help of a simple data loader.


So the workflow would be: setup local data, create a layer, make your selection/ query, Data/Export Features, select feature class to output to, map fields in simple data loader....job done. Get another cup of coffee.


Thanks for your consideration.



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Lee Davis‌ Can't this be done using the Append tool: Append—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop ?

As long as you've selected the features in the input dataset (in the case of using a definition query, I think you'd have to add one step to actually select them) you can use the Append tool's Field Map Control...  wouldn't that work?  If not, could you provide specific examples where that workflow doesn't meet your needs?

Thank you.


I don't like the Append tool. I've had issues with the field mapping/ loading. Also I'm not sure if it respects feature selection as input. I'm sure it will respect definition query. The simple data loader interface is far superior, and reliable.

To further the idea, consider if you wanted to move features between existing feature classes. You could make your selection, export, and there could be an option to cut or to copy the features.


lee.davis‌ Append does honor feature selection. On a monthly basis I preform and export of our crimes to our archival database and I select those that are older than 1 year old or older and then append them to other feature class. Could you elaborate on what issues you have had with the Field Mapping of the Append tool?


Make your selection and use Copy > Paste Special from the Clipboard group into your other feature class: Copy and paste using the clipboard—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 


I realize there's many ways to skin a cat when it comes to moving data around. I've done it every way there is to do it. I'm just proposing a more intuitive, and faster way in my opinion.  


Fair enough, Lee:)  Just wanted to make sure you were familiar with these ways - sometimes we see ideas, throw out the types of suggestions and questions like the above, and the poster wasn't aware and finds it very helpful.  As long as you're aware of those, the idea stands as Reviewed and is open to voting.

Thank you!