Enhance Subsurface Modelling and Navigation for AGX

04-08-2010 10:08 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

A major enhancement to AGX would be the ability to model subsurface data such as plume data, utility networks, geotechnical borings, etc.  Although this may be possible to do by adding your won surface data, the navigation and user experience does not work well when going beneath the surface.  I do realize that this can be done in ArcScene, but disseminating the visualizations and data analysis is difficult for those who do not have ArcScene.  Thanks for listening.

 I'll get behind this.

True 3D solid mapping vs 2.5D Surface modelling.  Of course this would require ArcScene to be less of a sluggish pig than it currently is.
If this could be done via OpenGL using the Graphics Card libraries, then this might not be a "sluggish pig".