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Enhance KML to Layer to include any photos or images that are attached to points

02-17-2022 04:45 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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KML/KMZ supports the ability to attach images to points.  This can have a valuable application in either personal or professional use.  For personal use, it can allow the user to take memorable photos when hiking or exploring while recording a track in another app, such as GaiaGPS, and then importing that data into ArcGIS.  For professional use, it could be beneficial for field work, allowing person in the field to record photos attached to waypoints in the tool of their choice and then import them later to ArcGIS for analysis.  

Currently the KML to Layer function does not import any photos that are attached to points.  This idea is to update that function to do so.   This idea is part of Enhancement Request (NIM086198) - "Images in pop-ups from KML are not maintained with the KML to Layer geoprocessing tool."


I'd love this option too.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Any updates on this or any work around?


@COH_Spatial it is in our near term plan for KML To Layer, which includes other important enhancements and bug fixes as well. It will not be complete in ArcGIS Pro 3.2 which is the next release coming this year. 


Up voting this idea as our organization would find this solution very helpful.