Displaying the ArcGIS Pro version in the title bar

12-01-2017 01:17 PM
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Displaying the ArcGIS Pro version in the title bar,

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Jamal432@gmail.comNEOMAPPER and rawansaleh


Can you please add some detail about why this is needed in the title bar as opposed to in the backstage About section?  Is there a need to immediately see the version while you're working in a project without going to the backstage?  Details would be helpful.  Thank you!


The question should be why not? title bar area is not busy and can take this.


For example, in AutoCAD the version in addition to file path can be shown there to know where we are.


I guess my initial thinking about why not might be that we would want to be conservative with adding content to the title bar (note that I'm not a decision maker in this process).  How does having the AutoCAD version in the title bar contribute to your work?  How does it add value to your workflows?  How do you use it?

Please don't interpret this as being pedantic.  If we don't have this info, it could be likely that nothing happens with this idea, whereas if there is a compelling reason for adding this, it might be an easier story to convey to development.



Well…at our work environment, we do use screenshots when report issues. Basic question like which version we use is very common. This could be eliminated by this.


Second, we do also take screenshots in order to document steps to perform some work. After years, we got lost when we follow these screenshots as they refer to different version (10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.5.1, 10.6). Showing the version resolves such confusion.


These are just few examples! But I see no one single disadvantage for displaying the version. Is there any?


Super awesome and useful example!!!  Thank you for sticking with my line of questioning:)


Not implemented even in 2.3


This is not implemented in 2.4.1



Not sure if this is planned to be developed in 2.6! AutoCAD and FME software have already this property



I didn't think this idea was a big deal, until today, when I spent 5 hours with esri support because the 2.5.1 upgrade wrecked Arc licensing on my machine. Uninstalls and reinstalls were part of the process and lost in the confusion, I wasn't sure if i had reinstalled 2.5, and if I had remembered to also install the 2.5.1 patch. I had to think to myself..."If I was in Microsoft Word, where on the ribbon would I find what version I was on". 

The title bar would have been so much easier.