Develop Pro to manage Portals

09-21-2018 10:31 AM
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I am looking for ArcPro to be a tool that can effectively manage local data, ArcGIS Online/Portal data, and Server data all at the same time.

When the ArcCatalog pane was added to the ArcMap application, I could manage my local data directory, SDEs and servers all from a single map. I was hoping that ArcPro would do this and also include a way to manage content in the different online environments. Between different Portals and AGOL it is hard to keep track of all the data. In Pro you can upload and download web maps from your online environments, but you can't overwrite a web map if you make updates to it. That can only be done through the online environment. Switching from Pro to different Portal sites and trying to keep things consistent is easy to get lost in. Having a central content management tool would be great!

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Brooks, is this about managing portals, or content in different portals?

Or both?

You mention wanting the ability to overwrite a web map.  Like ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap‌ ?

Are there things you're looking for about managing 

local data directory, SDEs and servers all from a single map

that aren't in ArcGIS Pro yet?  If so, we'll want to see if there are other ideas specific to those things.

How many portals do you manage?  What kind of content management across those portals are you looking for?

More details will help the development team understand the request.

Thank you!