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11-15-2012 08:04 AM
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I configure the desktop organization of my ArcGIS toolbars, TOC, etc. differently depending on what I'm doing (editing, viewing, using 1 vs. 2 monitors), but there is no way to save that desktop organization and easily recall it (ArcGIS just defaults to the arrangement of tools used during the last session). I would like a way to organize my toolbars and other desktop objects, then save that to a "Favorites" list so I can easily reconfigure my desktop arrangement.

YES!  The ability to use alternate "profiles" would be great.

Some "items" a profile could save:
  • Toolbars & Locations
  • Custom toolbars & Locations
  • Screen layout
  • Bookmarks (saving/loading is already available for this, but makes sense for profiles too.)
  • Selection options
  • Geoprocessing options
  • Arcmap Options
  • ?
Each "item" is optional when saved or loaded too by using a checkbox to save/load that item.  In other words, one profile may save toolbars while another profile saves everything.  Loading a profile gives you the option to load it all or just some.
I would urge the UI developers to spend a week using Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects. Those programs really achieve optimal time spend on doing work rather than fighting the UI. Everything asked for here plus much more is available with regards to saving layouts, exceptionally good undo history, flexibility in arranging menu items, keyboard driven interface for productivity. Even if you don't use the programs at least watch a "intro" video on youtube.
AutoCAD 2013 (Map, Civil3D,etc.) also use this approach to UI's with many visible tools scattered around the window frame.  Would much like to see the MS Office toolbar/AutoCAD toolbar palettes used or made as an optional UI along w/ multi-layouts.  10.x/11.x really needs more innovative ideas implemented soon!