Data driven pages should have more export file type options

07-22-2010 11:28 AM
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PDF is super useful, but sometimes exporting a map book series to JPG, TIFF, or perhaps other options may be useful for users.

This was available in DS map books, please bring this functionality back sp users don't need to add the step of exporting from the PDF file.

We do have an enhancement in our system to export to more formats other than PDF via the UI. However you can do this using Python, as documented in the export data driven pages help topic.

See the Code Samples > Data Driven Pages Example 1 in this help topic:
Cool. Thanks.

I don't mind some arcpy, but I know some people that find it's flavour a bit sour. For that reason I think in the next version exporting multiple data driven pages to multiple files that are TIFFs or JPEGs (or whatever) should be considered as a part of the Export Map UI.
The arcpy is great and all, but this seems to be a pretty standard thing that one should be able to do without having to script it.
Please make it possibly to export a data driven map book as a JPEG, PNG, and every other format option in addition to PDFs. I know how to do it using python, took me a bit being a novice, but everything in this field comes down to improving efficiency and the need to tweak my code every time I have to export JPEG data driven pages does not help being efficient. I have to update 500 page map books on a bi-weekly basis in both JPEG and PDF format. At this point I have automated processes to handle those; however, I wasted hours if not days creating those programs for something I feel like should have already been an option.
Thank You
An additional thought to build on that:

My orignal above idea was for the ability to export JPEG pages as "Multiple JPEG Files (page names)" as you can with PDFs. I realize that exporting pages as a "Single JPEG File" would obviously not work. However, I wonder if there is a way to export JPEG or PNG as a "Single PowerPoint File" where each map is a different slide. This would be usefull considering many times I export to JPEG or PNG it is to insert a map into a powerpoint.

For your extended idea you could still use the arcpy ExportToJPEG function to generate the JPEG/PNG files and combine the outputs with the python-pptx library to create a Powerpoint file.


This is also a desired ability in ArcGIS Pro. 
I have written up this as an Idea for ArcGIS Pro that has been tagged as duplicative of this request.
I sure hope it doesn't take 8 years and persist in the next version of ESRI software without a solution other than code it yourself.
Share & Export All Pages of Map Series ArcGIS Pro to JPG, etc. 


We've pretty much got our operations transitioned from ArcMap to ArcPro. We've generated several map series in ArcPro, outputting to PDF. Works great. Now we need a series of 170 PNG map images for our web site. I thought that surely we could also use the ArcPro Map Series functionality, and just choose a different output format. Apparently not so at present. This would seem to me to be logical functionality to have. I guess now, my options are 1) find an efficient way to create images from PDF, 2) export map series maps to PNG format one by one, or 3) figure out how to accomplish this via Python.


I'm using Pro's Map Series to produce maps for our staff archeologists to use in the field.  Paper pdfs are helpful, but I need georeferenced output that can be used by Avenza and Trimble Terrasync as background files.  To get those, I have to page through the series, activate the map frame and export each map separately.  Being able to batch export, with world files, would be a huge time saver.  I'll take a look at the python possibilities, but I don't have time to learn much about coding.