Data Driven Pages Layouts

06-11-2012 02:01 PM
Status: Open
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Data driven pages is an amazing tool that helps the user to very quickly produce many different maps based on the same types of data. However, it would be nice to have different layout editing capabilities when producing these many map pages as well. So in theory every new map page would have independent layout options. If changes or edits are made, then they only apply to the current map page in view. For example, my map book contains all of the National Parks within the region of Alaska. All of these parks are different sizes and scales; not so much a 'one size fits all' approach. It would be nice to be able to set some park maps to be portrait orientation and some other maps be landscape orientation. The best example that I can see with another software to describe this is Microsoft Excel and the use of "Sheet" tabs. So in theory all of the maps would still be in the data driven pages map book view, but there would be an option to toggle to the different maps on different tabs (aka "sheet" tabs). Then these maps would be independent enough to have it's own map layout and look. 

Another annoyance with the interconnected layouts of the data driven pages maps is the fact that if any map elements are added to one map that it automatically adds to all maps.... If I wanted to see a special text graphic on one specific map then I would add it to other maps as I see fit. 

Also, if this independent, interconnected map page issue was fixed then it would also alleviate the need to have to recreate a map once edits are done. (i.e. If you were on page 5 of 20 in a map book, you moved onto page 6, made some edits/additions to the layout, printed map 6, and then wanted to go back to map 4 to reprint the 4 would now have the map layout of map 6 since that was the last map edits/additions that you did to the map book series.....