Data driven pages layer control

11-20-2011 07:24 PM
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Data Driven Pages are great but they could be a whole lot better if a 'Layers' tab was added to the 'Set Up Data Driven Pages' dialogue which allowed configuration of layer visibility dependent on the page being displayed. The page would be selected by drop-down list, and layers turned on or off for that page via check boxes. Another check box could provide the ability top apply the layer display settings to all Data Driven Pages.
I guess something could be set up to do this based on fields in the layer attributes but that would probably be a bit too complicated for my liking.


Make sure you give this idea the thumbs up! :)

This is kind of like having a page definition query, but heaps better because it's not dependant on attributes!
This would be especial nice when using a differnt mask for page to highlight the data of interest.
You can sort of fake it with the page definition query... 
If you're interested in a "Layer Driven Pages" tool that relies on layer attributes, I can upload the tool I built. It will turn on one layer at a time when cycling through a group layer (and each of those layers can be a group. To update text elements I built it to update a user-selected text element from each of the three layer attributes (name, description, credits). I typically use these fields to update: "Title, Notes, and Figure Number, respectively, but they can be set to anything.

I like the solution you propose, it's a bit more elegant. The version I built doesn't change location/extent... which would be nice to have as an option (although I'd probably end up using a page defintion for most of the applications at this point).