Create the option to use another RDBMS together with ArcLogistics

04-28-2010 02:19 PM
Status: Open
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Many ArcLogistics customers use larger enterprise databases.

Hence they sometimes find it difficult to understand why they can't use their existing RDBMS together with ArcLogistics.

I should be part of the system-setup, that you can choose your RDBMS.

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Kristoffer W Beck
Informi GIS A/S

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I am one of those users in the City of Sacramento that help manage a full range of SDE applications and relationships to other Oracle data bases (customer billing, work order tracking, operations dispatch) where data results from ArcLogistics (such as route, service location, etc) can populate, update, and help quality control other systems using this information.  I currently have a script that takes data directly out of the file geodatabase to generate a table to perform this function.

Being able to directly uses data (without physically doing an "import" of address/customer data) from an Oracle or similar database as well as being able to store ArcLogistics routing information and "export" or configure a one or more related summary tables for use in other systems would greatly existing enterprise data management environments.