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01-25-2021 05:25 AM
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Enable settings in - ExportToTIFF to control antialiasing and to make it possible to export raster images without anti-aliasing being applied.


Background and motivation

In ArcMap environment our cartographic workflows currently build on "Export to separated TIFF" and 1bit-TIFF (without anti-aliasing) for further post-processing to create the Swiss national maps and other high quality map products. In ArcGIS Pro "Export to separated TIFF" functionality isn't supported any longer. Furthermore, we discovered that while the manual export still honors the anti-aliasing choice in the display options, the function ExportToTIFF in doesn't. Instead it always applies anti-aliasing and disregards the anti-aliasing settings made in the ArcGIS Pro project.

For the users it is of crucial importance to still have at least one option to export raster images without anti-aliasing for analytical or post-processing purposes via arcpy.


Thanks a lot for your vote and support! 🙂

Best regards from Switzerland


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Thank you Chris.  This is something we will consider for near term. 

Jeff - Layout and teams