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Consistent File Browsers

06-27-2018 06:46 AM
Status: Closed
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The file browser windows which open for ArcMap functions and data are inconsistent. ArcMap function (e.g., File>Open) windows navigate in a Microsoft Windows style whereas data windows (e.g., Add Data, Export Data) navigate in an ESRI style. Not only should these be the same, but they should be linkable so that they share history (i.e., remember the last place files were accessed or saved).

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Status changed to: Closed

Hello Michael,

We have no plans for further improvements for ArcMap.  Your concerns are indeed addressed in ArcGIS Pro, where various browse dialogs adhere to the same style, and when applicable, also remember their last location (so they will reopen in their last location). 

Although we are closing this idea for ArcMap, we do appreciate your input, and would like to hear more from you if you notice in ArcGIS Pro any style inconsistencies across various browse dialogs, or if you feel a particular browse dialog should remember its last location but currently does not.  We look forward to more of your contributions to ArcGIS Pro Ideas.