Checkboxes in symbology to toggle attributes (automatically generate definition query)

2 weeks ago
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For non-GIS professionals, using ArcGIS Pro can be difficult. The two separate concepts of the layer legend/symbology vs. definition queries can be confusing.

I think novices would find it easier if they could simply toggle attributes on/off directly in the legend in the table of contents:


That would make basic data exploration easier for beginners. 

In this case, everything else was easy for the user. The user downloaded & opened pre-symbolized .lyr files from OGSEarth. (The other option was to download the KML and open it in Google Earth. But the layer's attributes don't seem to be filterable in Google Earth, so GIS software was the only other option.)
So, getting the data was easy, especially with the pre-symbolized .lyr file. But doing basic filtering in ArcGIS Pro was cumbersome for the user. They wanted to just check legend attributes on/off when exploring the data. But I don't think that's possible in ArcGIS Pro.

Could Esri consider adding optional checkbox functionality in the table of contents? Maybe the underlying mechanism would be: the toggled checkboxes would automatically generate a definition query behind the scenes. Related: Progressive Disclosure of Complexity (YouTube 22:57).



ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2