Change name of "Export to KML" to "Export to KMZ"

11-10-2021 10:35 AM
Status: Closed
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I would like to suggest that you change the name of the "Export to KML" tool to "Export to KMZ". The tool only exports to KMZ, not KML. I have to open the KMZ in Google Earth and export it again to a KML. I feel that the name of your tool is misleading. It is a bit annoying to expect one result and get another one. Thank you.


Yeah, this has been irritating the whole time. Don't know why they don't allow you to chose which format you want (or why it actually defaulted to KMZ for that matter).


I totally agree and have thought this same thing for a long time.  Why have it named for something that it actually doesn't do?  I believe that a kmz is a compressed kml - therefore if you want the original kml (uncompressed file) surely you should have the choice?


Not to bothered about name change but I would prefer this tool to offer up KMZ or KML as its export options.


@ DuncanHornby

I agree 100%

I thought asking ESRI to deliver on what the tool promised was a bit much for them and would take years to implement. Just getting them to change the name to something proper would be a miracle by itself and hopefully happen in a shorter time frame.


I agree, would also like to see there being a choice of what format you want to export. 


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Commenting in 2022 to concur with the OP and all commenters here... the tool should do what the name implies. The tool should also optionally export KMLs.

Status changed to: Closed

The data format is KML, and .KMZ is a file extension associated with this file format.

There is a basic KML file within the .KMZ archive if someone needs the plain KML. But it will not contain all the information from the export of a layer only the basic features. 


Thank you for another demonstration that ESRI has no desire to listen to or improve products for their users and would rather follow Wikipedia definitions than actual industry conventions and requests from users.


ESRI (at the ESRI UC): Our sole purpose is to develop the tools you need in order to support the work that you do.

ESRI User Community: Great! Can you make the Layer to KML tool actually output to KML instead of KMZ?


by Anonymous User

What a demeaning response - thanks for the wikipedia.

As a side note, users can't delete their own accounts (My Esri). You have to contact support. Hopefully I have better luck there.