Automatic Attribute Text

07-28-2010 08:35 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to see further capabilities for configuring attributes with default values. Often a field should be updated on create or update with the user and the time of the edit. The Default Value for an attribute should be replaced with Default Value On Create and Default Value on Update. The default values should then be able to contain a tag, similar to the Insert Dynamic Text capability, defining the value for example :

< Domain UserName>

< Current DateTime>

This functionality could be extended to almost any operation similar to the Attribute Assistant in the Water Tools. For example

·         Add a the contents of a field from another layer

o   <Find Nearest|Layer Name|Field>

·         Add the value from an intersecting DTM

o   <Intersect Average|Layer Name|Field>

·         Rotate a point symbol aligning to an intersecting line feature

o   <Rotate|Layer Name>

This modification would reduce the requirement for Feature Class Extensions for the most minor of operations aiding the distribution of data without the need of dll’s or Add-In’s. These Default Values would also be updated when editing through the web and ArcGIS Server Mobile.