ArcPro fails to detect services cached in ArcMap,

09-20-2019 01:07 PM
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ArcPro fails to detect services cached in ArcMap,


Cached service can be transferred from a machine to another and configured using the ArcMap as follows:


1-The cached service is copied to the target machine

2-The cache folder of the ArcGIS Server is redirected to the folder that contains the cached service

3-The mxd is re-published using the ArcMap with overwritten option checking the “keep existing map cache” option too.


It would be very helpful if ArcPro can detect services cached using ArcMap

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Is this planned in 2.6?


For example, as a cached service is transferred from machine A (that has ArcGIS Server Installed) to machine B (that has ArcGIS Server Installed), then how to get this cache configured in machine B? In ArcMap, there has been some indication when publishing an mxd file that has the same name in the arcgiscache folder. In Pro, there is no indication

Hi Jamal,

This workflow is supported from ArcGIS Pro for map services originally published with ArcMap and those published with Pro. 

1. Open the map that was used to create the original cached service. (If you were working with ArcMap, import your mxd into a project.)

2. From the Share tab, open the Share As Web Layer pane.

3. Enter the exact name and server folder where the cached service was originally published. 

4. ArcGIS Pro should automatically detect the existing cache on your server and display an informational message that the cache will be attached to your new web layer. 

5. Proceed to publish the web layer. 

If this is not working as expected, it would be best to reach out to Support who can help troubleshoot. Thanks for posting!

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