Arcgis pro2.5: How to view the cache status for a cached service using Arcgis pro,

03-16-2020 04:19 AM
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How to view the cache status for a cached service using Arcgis pro,

We couldn’t figure out where is the cache status on the Arcgis pro, otherwise, we can find it on Arcmap by clicking right click on the service. Is this available in Arcgis pro?


As a workaround:

Head to your cached service within the cache directory

i.e. *ArcGIS Server Dir*\directories\arcgiscache\*name of cached service*\Layers

Open the layers folder

Copy status.gdb to a accessible location for ArcGIS Pro. Ideally a folder that you already have a folder connection to (ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro will interpret the Layers folder above as a raster, you can't 'dig' into this)

Open status.gdb using the catalogue pane.

Drag CacheStatus into the TOC.

Open attributetable.

View cache status.


Thank you Aled, it is very nice workaround, it works fine! but the old approach of Arcmap is much better, I highly appreciate if esri team consider this in the coming release.


The person building the cache may not have access to the ArcGIS Server so this workaround is very limited.


Being able to view the cache status is a critical part of our workflow.

This functionality needs to be part of Pro.