ArcGIS Pro: Shortcut for zoom rectangle does not work while editing

10-27-2017 09:36 AM
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In ArcGIS Pro, the Shift key functions as a shortcut for the zoom rectangle tool, which is otherwise not available as a stand alone tool. However, this shortcut does not work while using the editing tools. In ArcMap, the equivalent shortcut key, z, was available no matter what other tool you had selected and was extremely useful. Adding this functionality to ArcGIS Pro would make the editing environment much more productive.


In reviewing ideas we ran across this one.  Maybe it wasn't working at the time the idea was submitted, but holding Z while editing does allow the user to zoom in/out: Keyboard shortcuts for editing—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

Hi Kory. Thanks for the follow-up. Unfortunately, this idea has not been implemented. You are correct that using the z key gives you a "dynamic" zoom tool but not the zoom rectangle (aka marquee zoom) tool that the Shift key provides.

Carlos - I moved it back to Reviewed.  It's being discussed internally.

Thank you.

Thanks, Kory. I really appreciate the consideration of this issue.

Carlos - related to your comment about the Rectangle Zoom not being a standalone tool.  It is now (not sure what release it was implemented) but you can customize the Quick Access Toolbar and add it from the "Popular Commands" dropdown.  See the attached graphic below.  Hope this helps!

Thanks, Robert. Nice to know it now exists as a stand-alone tool and that I can add it to my QAT.

Unfortunately, this is only a partial fix though since ultimately, I would like to call this tool up with a shortcut key so I can use the tool in the midst of editing/creating features, just like I can in ArcMap. However, if I am creating a feature and then initiate the rectangle zoom tool with a shortcut key, the active tool switches to the rectangle zoom tool and I lose the feature I was in the process of creating. What I really want is for the rectangle zoom tool to be associate with the "z" shortcut and not the dynamic zoom tool. Adobe products have a similar issue but give the user the option of which type of zoom tool they prefer to use. it would be nice if we had a similar option in AGP.

You're welcome Carlos - yes, still an issue as you mentioned.  In reading the thread, I know Kory's moved it back to Review status.  Hopefully an equivalency item addressed in a future release.