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ArcGIS Pro_Remove connection

01-07-2019 12:07 AM
Status: Closed
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Hello everyone,

My problem in ArcGIS Pro:

      If a connection to a table that has a definition query is deleted, then no more features of that layer will be displayed.

(DE: Wenn eine Verbindung zu einer Tabelle gelöscht wird auf die eine Definitionsabfrage besteht, dann werden keine Feature des betreffenden Layers mehr angezeigt.)

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Hi Haytham Suleiman‌ 

Can you provide some clarification on the issue here?  

You have a layer with a definition query.

What is the source of the layer?  Feature class/standalone table (from file gdb, enterprise gdb, ...), shapefile/standalone table in folder...  

What connection are you removing?  Project connection to a database?  Project connection to a folder?

Is the behavior specific to having a definition query applied to the layer?

I just added a layer to a map in Pro (from a file gdb through a folder connection), applied a definition query to the layer, then removed the folder connection - the layer remains in the map.  

Please provide more details, maybe with some screenshots so that we can understand the issue.



Hi Kory Kramer ,

* The source of the layer ist from gdb, connected to sql database. 

Attribute table:

After Removing the connection to sql datebase:

and the Attribute table is empty and error message appears:

The behavior happens, when a difinition query is applied to the layer.



Thank you for the details. Is that a built-in geoprocessing tool?  Can you send me the link to the tool's web help?



Are you removing the connection to the SQL database in the Pro project?


No it's not a built-in geoprocessing tool. I don't know what u mean with "the link to the tool's web help?"


Yes exactly...

Does the same phenomenon occur if you do not have a definition query applied to this layer?  Can you try this test?


the phenomen occurs when a definition query is applied to this level.


I think it would be good to investigate this further through a Support case.  

I added the Fires layer from a SQL database and then applied a definition query to the layer.

Then I removed the connection to the database in the Catalog Pane and the layer doesn't disappear:

It seems like for now, this would have been more appropriate for the ArcGIS Pro‌ or Geodatabase‌ spaces rather than Ideas.

Status changed to: Closed