ArcGIS Pro feature report not showing domain descriptions

12-09-2021 11:43 PM
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For ESRI it's probably feature not a bug, so I am posting it as an enchancemant not as a bug.

We would like to use ArcGIS Pro reporting functionality, but we have layer with domains and the domains appear as numbers in the report not as descriptions, so these reports are quite useless to us. It would be nice if report could use domain descriptions  to show field values not domain numbers. For now to use the reporting capabilities we need to export the data with domain descriptions to new layer and then use this layer as the report source, but it is not very automatic and nice workflow.

So ESRI please make reports usable to everyone.

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I have a question first... Are these domains in a hosted service? And how are you running the reports?



I am useing a layer directly from databse connection not from a service. I am running the report from arcgipro from the share tab --> export to pdf.


@RistoÜlem what version of ArcGIS Pro are you running?


I am using 2.9. I did also little bit of testing, it seems to me that when running the report with default esri templates, without any changes, then the domain descriptions was used, but I when I edit the default template to my own needs the domain descriptions are not used, although the field value configuration stays the same.

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I'm glad that the descriptions are showing up for you correctly @RistoÜlem when using default templates.

We will need more information; that is, steps to reproduce the case where exporting a report only shows codes and not domain descriptions.  

Do you have specifics around "when I edit the default template to my own needs"?  If you can give us details, maybe we will be able to reproduce what you're seeing and pursue this further.  Otherwise, it may be best to work with Technical Support rather than keeping this idea open.

Thank you


Did some more testing and it turns out that "problem" was with subtypes, I was not using subtype column in the report and when adding it then other domains showed correctly descriptions. So I hide the sybtype column behind the report page edge because I don't need it in the report and hopefully it won't break again.

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Hi @RistoÜlem In communicating with the development team, it appears that the behavior you encountered was logged as a bug.  See  This will be fixed in ArcGIS Pro 3.0 (edit: it looks like we may get this into 2.9 Patch 2 which would come in Feb/Mar 2022).

We apologize for the inconvenience, and in the meantime, we're happy that you have found the alternate solution of adding the subtype column to the report.