Arcgis PRO - disable popups

03-10-2017 01:23 AM
Status: Open
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In Arcgispro, each layer in the Contents-pane has the possibility to "disable opp-ups".

But when you create a group layer the option to disable popups is not available. So then you have to disable each layer individualy. For two or three layers it's not a problem, but when you what to do that for 10 layers or more it's different.

So please add disable popups to the menu of group layers.


I would suggest fine-tuning this Idea's title to something like "Provide the ability to disable popups for all layers in a group layer in ArcGIS Pro"... or something like that.  This will make the Idea more readily understandable to other users searching for this functionality just by reviewing the title.

Please see‌.

Thank you!


ArcGIS Pro is really in essence designed to be the gateway to ArcGIS Online via Server, Portal what have you.

To that end things that don't work in ArcGIS online don't work in Pro etc.


It's possible to multi-select (click the first layer in the group layer, hold Shift and click the last layer) and then right-click> Disable pop-ups.