Apply Symbology from Layer to apply the formatting of fields to the Map Layer

01-20-2021 08:57 PM
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The workflow for altering the number formatting in ARCPro is fiddly and time consuming.

Layer Files (.lyrx) seem to store the number formatting e.g.:
"type" : "CIMFieldDescription",
"alias" : "SR",
"fieldName" : "AllData_SR",
"numberFormat" : {
"type" : "CIMNumericFormat",
"alignmentOption" : "esriAlignRight",
"alignmentWidth" : 0,
"roundingOption" : "esriRoundNumberOfDecimals",
"roundingValue" : 2,
"useSeparator" : true
but using 'Apply Symbology from Layer' does not update the number format in the target features.

This should be part of the functionality of Apply Symbology from Layer or available.

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Related to Change table display for multiple tables quickly - GeoNet, The Esri Community  which is asking for a way to transfer layer properties associated with attribute table display, similar to number formatting.


Note that if there was an option to do this in ArcPy (and as a geoprocessing tool) this would solve the problem as well.


@KoryKramer - I'm not sure if this question is referring to ArcGIS Desktop rather than ArcGIS Pro, my idea is for Pro.


Thanks @LeandraGordon Yes, all ideas now are for ArcGIS Pro, as that is where desktop development is focused.  While there are a number of ideas that were requested for ArcMap, as new functionality is considered moving forward, ideas will be implemented in ArcGIS Pro.  Hope this helps.