Allow Portal/AGOL to support Concurrent Use Licensing

12-17-2018 10:10 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, if you want to convert your Pro licenses from Named User to Concurrent Use licensing, you have to make that conversion at My Esri and then license Pro in ArcGIS License Manager, which under the hood is just Flexera's terrible FlexNet Publisher.

There are 2 big issues with this:

  • I don't want to run a server just for License Manager/FlexNet. 

Yes. I could technically install License Manager on a Portal or Server machine and not have to run an extra server.

  • FlexNet doesn't really work very well. It's slow. Cumbersome. Riddled with bugs and Esri can't fix it because its not their software.

Portal for ArcGIS (Portal) and ArcGIS Online (AGOL), meanwhile can license ArcGIS Pro under the Named User Licensing model. Meaning, I can assign a Pro license to Jane Doe in Portal/AGOL and whenever Jane initializes Pro, if she is assigned a Pro license then everything works as expected.

What I can't do in Portal/AGOL is authorize a user for access to a concurrent license of ArcGIS Professional because Portal does not support concurrent use licensing. Instead, I'm required to "assign" a Pro license to Jane, meaning that Pro license is essentially reserved for Jane and that Jane only. So if I have 10 licenses of ArcGIS Pro in my organization and 20 potential users, I have to run a License Server in order to support a concurrent use licensing model.

I'd like to see Portal/AGOL support the Concurrent Use licensing.

Under this scenario, an Administrator could either "assign" or "authorize" a license for a given user.

If an Administrator "authorized" a Pro license for Jane Doe, then when Jane initializes Pro, it would query Portal/AGOL for her "authorizations" and see that she us "authorized" access to a Pro license. Pro would then request a Pro license from Portal and Portal would either grant one or deny the request based on current availability in its Pro licensing pool.

Conversely, if the Administrator wanted Jane to always have access to ArcGIS Pro and never run into issues around license exhaustion, then the Administrator could "assign" a Pro license to her, which would essentially reserve one of the Pro licenses for Jane so that she never ran into a situation where there were no licenses available.

It seems like this could work pretty seamlessly with the new User Types setup in AGOL. Further, if this could some how be integrated into ArcMap/Catalog/Globe/Scene as well and allow this workflow for all extensions, it would allow virtually all organizations that use Concurrent Use Licensing to get rid of License Manager and do all of their licensing in Portal/AGOL.



Yes!!! I would love this. My issue is my companie's VPN. To get a concurrent license for ArcMap we have to VPN to our network. Sometimes getting a license works and sometimes it doesn't. For ArcGIS Pro, as stated above, the license for a single named user can be had through the ESRI portal and we don't have to VPN to the company network. Works great. Except it doesn't support concurrent licensing through the ESRI portal. Seems to me that all the technology is there to do this.