Allow Fields to be Reordered when Exporting a Layer

07-01-2014 05:43 AM
Status: Open
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Deleting a large amount of fields from a Feature Class using the Delete Fields tool takes an excessively long time.

One of the tricks I use to speed this up is to simply turn the field visibility off in the Layer properties and then export the Feature Layer to a new feature class retaining only the visible fields. It's a lot faster (perhaps you guys should alter the Delete Fields tool to just make a feature layer and then export to a new Feature Class?).

In any case, in the Feature Layer properties, you can also reorder fields. However, because Feature Layer's are in-memory, those changes aren't committed to the source dataset. Cool, I get that. 

- BUT -

It would be fantastic if the Feature Layer's field order was honored on export, essentially creating a way to reorder fields in ArcMap by reordering the fields in the Feature Layer properties, then exporting the Feature Layer to a new FC or Shapefile.